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This short tutorial will guide you through your first steps at using Calling Ninja. We will start out by creating an account at Calling Ninja, then we will show you how to obtain your Twilio credentials. Last but not least, we will show you how to create a company at Calling Ninja and make your first calls.

  1. Register at Calling Ninja
    After registering you will receive a short welcome email from us. We automatically sign you up for a free membership. While logged in you can check out our plans on your personal site or in our documentation page for subscriptions.

  2. Obtain your Twilio Credentials

    1. Log into your Twilio Account at
    2. There are two places to get your credentials from: Right from your Dashboard after logging in or from your Account-> Credentials
    3. Take note of your Account SID and Auth Token
  3. Create a Company at Calling Ninja

    1. From your Calling Ninja Dashboard create a new Company
    2. Fill in all fields. Copy your Twilio SID and Twilio Auth Token into their corresponding fields.
  4. Access your newly created company

  5. Make same calls!
    From the main menu on the left, head over to the Calls Section and into the Direct Call option. Only three steps more and you're good to go:

    1. select your Twilio number
    2. upload or add some phone numbers
    3. upload your audio message
    4. Click on the button Call the selected numbers!
      That's it!

If you want to find out more about our features, we recommend you keep on reading, explore Calling Ninja or send us an e-mail, we'd love to head from you!