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Types Of Calls

At Calling Ninja you can choose between various ways to realize your calls and thereby reach your clients. The most notable difference as of now, is if and how the corresponding logs and phone numbers are stored.

How to place Calls

As of now there are two sections where it is possible to place calls: Calls and Broadcasts. The first one does not diferenciate between calls, each call is stored as every other. The latter is a way to group calls into logical units so you can later see details for exactly those calls. To find out more, read up on the Broadcasts site.

General Distinction

  1. Direct Calls The source, that is your client's phone numbers for Direct Calls are stored securely in our database. When placing a call you can either choose to upload to and store new phone numbers in Calling Ninja's database or select existing, already uploaded numbers.

  2. Quick Calls The main difference at Quick Calls are that the numbers you want to call are not stored in any database per se. However the Calllogs are stored and available to you for further inspection.